Cat Aeppel is a director, Emmy-winning DP and photographer based in Los Angeles with a passion for sharing soulful stories about adventure, sports, conservation and mental health. From the beaches of Israel to the slot canyons of Utah, from remote islands in the Pacific to as far as Western Australia, Cat’s explorations through the lens have taken her around the world. She has shot projects for clients including Red Bull, YETI, The North Face, GoPro and LifeProof. She thrives with a camera in hand — and lives the adventures she captures. When she’s not shooting, she’s playing in mountains, deserts and oceans far away from crowded cities and civilization.

Cat won a Sports Emmy for Outstanding Camerawork for her role as Director of Photography for Red Bull’s “One Shot.” Her work has been featured by National Geographic Adventure and her awards include first place in the GoPro Mountain Click Photo Competition at the 2018, 2016 & 2014 GoPro Mountain Games. Her short film, “Why I Ride,” was featured at Mountainfilm, and her short film, “My Desolate Eden,” won Best Cinematography during its premiere at No Man’s Land Film Festival.

She is based out of Hermosa Beach, California and available to travel.

Photo Credit: Nate Day



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Photo Credit: Manik Giri